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Mimo is growing! We are seeking knowledgeable and friendly people passionate about food and wine. Send us your CV and a cover letter to Include in the subject line the city and job for which you are applying. Currently, we seek to fill the following positions:



Talkative and able to improvise, you are the epitome of a people person. You truly love meeting new faces, welcoming visitors to Mallorca, and showing off what your island has to offer. Your idea of fun is spending the evening eating, even better if it's with a glass of local wine in hand. You are on top of the latest openings on the island, and know where to find the best, so when you go out in a group of friends, somehow you always end up leading the pack. Being with people, in whatever language, energizes you and you love to show off your home. Think you might be a fit? Send us your CV and a cover letter to


You embody the mimo culture with your attention to detail, your sincere desire to help, and your willingness to go the extra mile. Your friends tell you you're persuasive, and when you've worked retail in the past you have no problem guiding clients to make the perfect purchase. Your work behind the scenes helps drive strategy and achieve results, while the guest has a ‘wow, I want to come back tomorrow’ experience, thanks in part to your ever-present smile. You love to work on a team because you know you can get better results by dividing up duties.You feel passionate about the treasures of the real Mallorca, and live to share that passion with everyone, especially people not lucky enough to be born on your lovely island. Think you might be a fit? Send us your CV and a cover letter to

San Sebastián


Mimo is seeking a financial controller that can lead the Administrative/Finance departments of this exciting, expanding business. We are searching for a versatile, adaptable person who is used to working in fast-paced environment. They should feel passionate about the world of finance. Working directly under the directors, they will be responsible for results and will be charged with establishing and carrying out the necessary controls to guarantee the stability of the department. To see the requisites, click here.


You are a student, or you have recently graduated. You love food and often find yourself playing the role of ambassador of your city, sharing the history and secrets behind its food culture. The idea of doing an internship in a young, growing business sounds perfect, as does the thought of working closely in real, important day-to-day activities within the business. Well, you just might fit in at San Sebastián Food. Send us your CV at and tell us a little bit about your career and what departments interest you.