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The setting

In 2015, Mimo opened a brand new cooking school within Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel and one of Spain´s grandest hotels. The Mimo San Sebastián Cooking School offers a roster of delicious, innovative, and enjoyable cooking courses in a state-of-the-art cooking environment.

The school is located in the heart of San Sebastian along the River Urumea, next to the city centre and just 100 metres from the famous La Bretxa market and old town (parte vieja).

Find out more and book by viewing our ever-growing selection of classes here, or download the complete brochure here.

The classes

If you can imagine it, we probably have a class for it. We offer classes on everything from pintxos to Michelin-level cooking. If you are more interested in watching and tasting, we also have a few demonstration-based classes. Our most popular classes include:

  • Basque Cooking Class: France, Navarra, & La Rioja
  • Basque Cooking Class: Gipuzkoa&Bizkaia
  • Spanish Cooking: Paella & More!
  • Pintxo Cooking Class: Pintxos of the Old Town
  • Pintxo Cooking Class: The Essential Pintxo
  • Michelin Star Secrets Class
  • Farmer’s Market to Table Cooking Class
  • Local Food & Wine Tasting
  • Chef’s Table Dinner
  • Sherry & Iberian Ham Carving
  • and more...

For a full listing of classes, check our website selection of classes here, or download the complete brochure here.

What are the classes like

Our classes are designed with two major goals in mind: instruction and enjoyment. In our new cooking school, you will proceed to prepare several recipes, from the traditional classics to haute cuisine inspired. Many of the classes end with a seated lunch, around our large wooden dining table, enjoying wines and the dishes you and your classmates have prepared. Our classes have a relaxed, fun atmosphere... many of our clients leave with new friends and pintxo-hopping companions!

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The school

Our cooking school is run by chefs that man their own restaurants on the side, craft some of the city’s most awarded pintxos, and are passionate and skilled at the art of Basque cooking. From local chefs to Patricio Fuentes, our friendly, knowledgeable cooking instructor, our school boasts an impressive array of instructors that will teach you the ins and outs of Basque cooking.

When we designed our cooking school from scratch, we did it with the current culinary technology and our clients in mind. You will find a multitude of tools at your disposal, including: nine induction units, a regular and a flat top grill, four latest generation ovens by NEFF, and locally crafted knives. The 500m2 space itself boasts 18 central work stations with individual drawers, a dining room, a bar area for tastings, as well as a meeting room perfect for events and private classes.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our cooking school is located in one of the most product-rich regions in the world, and we are committed to (slash obsessed with) sourcing locally whenever possible. We emphasize delicious, flavorsome food made with the best local ingredients.

This includes:

  • Over 90% of our ingredients sourced locally
  • We now recycle all of our food waste
  • Plastics, glasses and paper recycled
  • Buying straight from the farmer

During our classes and courses, our instructors talk about the importance of eating seasonally and locally. We recycle all of our oil, and compost all of our waste so that 0% goes into the landfill.

Our sponsors

Logo Beronia

Bodegas Beronia is the principal collaborator of the Mimo San Sebastián Cooking School. Beronia was founded in 1973 by a group of businessmen, friends from the Basque country who would come to La Rioja on holiday. The friends had a great love of food and wine and created their own gastronomic society in the area, deciding to produce their own wines to be enjoyed with the local cuisine, initially only producing Reserva and Gran Reserva style wines. This history was the basis for the inspiration of the BeroniaTxoko, the corner of our cooking school devoted to good eating and drinking fine wine.

Bodegas Beronia is quintessentially Rioja. Its wines are defined by the region and the soils in which the vines are grown, and its name linked to the history of the land where the winery is found. In the 3rd century BC the area known as Rioja today was inhabited by a celtic tribe called the Berones. They inhabited the towns of Tricio, Varea and Leiva, marking the limits of the beronesregión, today La Rioja. The founding ethos of Beronia is strongly allied to the origins of La Rioja. The winery integrated into the Gonzalez Byass Family of Wine group in 1982 and began an expansion into international markets. Today Beronia is one of the most renowned Spanish wineries both in international and domestic markets, producing pure and traditional Rioja wines with their own personality and Beronia style.


The kitchen of the Mimo San Sebastián Cooking School is proudly outfitted with stellar Neff appliances, including induction tops, ovens, and more. Neff has been headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany, since the company was founded over 135 years ago. Neff appliances are designed to change the way you use your kitchen. With inspiring ideas, the brand continuously sets new standards, particularly in the area of its core competencies of cooking and baking. Examples include the CircoTherm® hot air system, the smooth-running ComfortFlex® pull-out system, the only fully retractable oven door Slide&Hide®, the unique TwistPad® one-knob operation and the new premium ovens. Neff is constantly researching new ways to improve the quality and sustainability of their appliances, keeping the Neff brand right at the forefront of kitchen technology and ecological thinking.

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