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The Plane in Spain

The Plane in Spain

Financial Times How to Spend It magazine / 2018-05-14

Paul Richardson is the first to sample a new tour of Spain´s most exalted gastronomic delights by private jet with Mimo

Paul Richardson flies on Mimo´s inaugural private jet tour from San Sebastian to Sevilla and ending in Mallorca staying in the Hotel Maria Cristina, Alfonso XIII and St Regis Mardavall.  He travels in luxury on a Phenom 300 private jet and is able to experience culinary delights in the three cities with Mimo guides and chefs.  Richardson sites "Jon Warren (as) the first entrepreneur to offer a tour of the old town´s pintxo bars with young and knowledgeable local guides.  His gourmet Spanish food shop in the Hotel Maria Cristina was a blast of fresh air in the stale and apparently changeless world of Spanish boutiques, and the Mimo cookery school, which opened in 2015, neatly coincided with the arrival of international foodie tourism in a newly pacified Basque Country.  The Mimo family now includes a school in Seville and shops in both Seville and Mallorca, with future openings promised in Spain and beyond."

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