{ANNOUNCING} Mimo Sevilla Cooking School

We are here with an early Christmas present, people!

Mimo Sevilla Cooking School will be open for cooking from January 12th.  If you pop over to Sevilla, we promise to deliver a cooking experience unlike any other, right in the center of one of Spain’s most delicious cities.

Our new school sits poolside in the gardens of Sevilla’s landmark hotel, Hotel Alfonso XIII, A Luxury Collection Hotel. The daily classes encompass the local cuisines of Andalucía, presenting their techniques and dishes in hands-on cooking classes of three and a half hours. The seven classes on offer for the first season are:

Imagine a lovely morning of cooking in a light-filled Andalus kitchen, with top-of-the-line Neff equipment and a wood-fired oven, sipping a cool glass of local sherry. The classes end with a luxurious lunch of the dishes created by students around a shady table under the garden’s trees. The school operates seasonally, opening January 12 through May 31, and it reopens on October 1st.

We are super excited to present you a cooking school tailored to the exciting, flavorful cuisine of Andalucía.

Come join us in 2018!

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