¡Vete a Freír Espárragos! : Top 10 Spanish Food Phrases



Spanish is a colorful language. And for a culture obsessed with food that revolves around the table, you shouldn’t be surprised that many of the funny phrases have to do with food.

With our team of expert guides (and eaters), we’ve compiled the top 10 most common and funniest phrases that appear to be about food, yet actually end up having a very different meaning.  If reading these sayings has you working up an appetite, you can get some Spanish food shipped to your door here.

1) Mi media naranja
Literal meaning: My half orange | English equivalent: My soulmate

2) Vete a freir espárragos
Literal meaning: Go fry asparagus! | English equivalent: Get lost!

3) Tener mala leche
Literal meaning: To have bad milk | English equivalent: To be nasty or unlucky

4)Más largo que un día sin pan
Literal meaning: Longer than a day with no bread | English equivalent: A long day

5) Estar empanado
Literal meaning: To be breaded | English equivalent: To be out of it

6) Mucho ruido y pocas nueces
Literal meaning: A lot of noise and not many nuts | English equivalent: Much ado about nothing

7) A falta de pan, buenas son tortas
Literal meaning: When there’s no bread, cake is good | English equivalent: Any port in a storm

8) Pillar a alguien con las manos en la masa
Literal meaning: Catch someone with their hands in the dough | English equivalent: Catch someone red handed

9) Ponerse rojo como un tomate
Literal meaning: To go red like a tomato | English equivalent: To turn beet red

10) Ser un salado
Literal meaning: To be a salty one | English equivalent: To be a funny, witty person

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