{RECIPE} Sunflower Seeds, Cherry, and Grapefruit Parfait

Our MM artisan Spanish foods aren’t just perfect for tapas time! We leave you with a recipe for a healthy, easy breakfast parfait, spruced up with our delicious caramelized sunflower seeds (probably the most addictive of our new products, so ⚠️).  Grab a jar (or two) and experiment with this 100% yum recipe.

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Sunflower Seeds, Cherry, and Grapefruit Parfait

75 g (1/2 cup) MM Candied Sunflower Seeds
450 g (2 cups) cherries, pitted
1 grapefruit
2 cups (500 g) yogurt, any flavor

Cut the cherries in small cubes.To remove the sweet flesh from the bitter part of the grapefruit, trim the top and bottom. Slice lengthwise between flesh and peel, leaving as much of the flesh intact as possible, removing only the peel. Slice lengthwise between 1 segment and the membrane until you reach the center of the fruit. Make a similar slice on the other side of the segment. Use the knife blade to remove segment.

Divide half of the yogurt between four small serving bowls or glasses. Layer them with half of the grapefruit, cherry, and sunflower seeds. Top with the remaining yogurt and then with the remaining fruit and sunflowers. Serve.



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